Keep Your Files Secure

We can help keep your file secure and your piece-of-mind intact.  We have multiple solutions keep a lock on your data.

Taking Out Bugs

We can kill the bugs before they infect your system. Our proactive attention to your network systems keeps the good in and the bad out.

Full-Service Networking

We can build your network, with many different configurations, from ultra fast SANs to small economically viable networks.  We build them from 2 to over 200 devices.

Bill Kirwin

With over 30 years IT experience under the belt, Bill’s seen a lot, including his dad’s Wang.  He still keeps it downstairs in the basement, he hopes to fire it of off again some day.  Seriously though, he has great network, security, and mobile unity experience, and true-tack for troubleshooting.  He can work on everything, from Apple to Linux.

Roy Mckenzie

20+ years of experience managing IT systems in, mixed small office settings, brings real cross functional experience to the table.  He started out on a IBM PS/2 and turned to Mac in college, he never looked back. Roy also brings experience in automation for the home and office, and the ability to tie that automation into meaningful interfaces across different devices.